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Everything I love About Life, Virginia, and Vintage Tablescapes

The SVV blog is a forum to share all the beauty of every day life moments. Of course planned photo shoots are amazing, but capturing real moments, food, and experiences is what I hope I remember when I have no other memories left….

My love for food and cooking was instilled in me since I was a baby of second generation Italian parents. There was always plenty of food, parties, and always an “uncle”, “aunt”, or “cousin” at our house. I use the quotations because as any Italian knows, later we understand these people were not actually your family but so near and dear to my parents that they are family.

My grandfather Fazzary was a first Generation Cheese Maker and worked most of his life for the OG Polly-O dairy in Upstate New York. My Uncle, followed in his foot steps. Ask anyone who has spent a Sunday with us eating rigatoni and meatballs playing eucer, they have heard to stories of how many games of eucer they could fit into a 30 min lunch break. If you have never played eucer, you should make it a priority of 2019 to learn. Warning when playing cards with Italians: you will disown your own daughter (for that hand) over re-negging or trumping your partners winning hand. It’s S.E.R.I.O.U.S.

I naturally learned to cook on my own once I went to college. Yes, college. I never had cooked really before then, because why? Because I’m Italian! The kids never cook, my father or mother cooked, always. They always did it right. I am 30 years old and personal chef and my dad still stands over me in the kitchen asking why I’m doing things a certain way and that’s not the way he would do it. All in a loving, Italian sort of way…